Photography : Developing Your Eye! Day 2 – Street

Developing Your Eye! Day 2 – Street
‘Establishing Shot’


Developing Your Eye! Day 2 – Street

Establishing Shot

Street in Guwahati, Assam, India

M. G. Road, Guwahati, India

This is the shot of a street in our city. There are no honking cars, motorbikes trying to get past you, people crossing roads. auto rickshaws or any other vehicles tightly jam packed in a small space. That shot would have been so much better but this is not that shot! All because I managed to avoid rush hour.


Today’s Tip:

Try to capture an establishing shot: a wide-angle photo that sets up a scene. You may need to back up a few steps, or climb some stairs to higher ground to fit the whole scene in one shot.

This is part of an assignment of a photography course available under the blogging university. The link to the ten days course is here Developing Your Eye I

Does the streets in your city look similar to the street in my city?

Do share your thoughts.

Thank you! 

    1. Thanks to the photography course ☺

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