Did you know: Relevant featured image with text increases the interest of readers for any blog post!

Are you using featured blog post images for your blog posts? If you’re not, you must consider using them.

Most professional bloggers suggest using featured images with posts or articles. They will improve the look of your blog adding visual attraction and also help to boost your traffic.

What are featured images?

Featured image for blog post
A Featured Image that I created for a blog post

A featured blog post image is the main picture or the thumbnail for the blog post. This image appears on the top of the blog post before the content of the post.

By default the featured images are also displayed on top whenever you share the link of the post on social media.

Here are a few benefits of using featured blog post images-

  • Great way to begin a blog post.
  • Makes people want to click on and read the post or article.
  • Makes your post stand out by adding visual attraction.
  • Featured images are displayed with shared link on social media, so it is the first thing people see before anything else.
  • Using featured images will give your blog professional look and feel.
  • Using images makes your content SEO friendly.
  • Posts with featured images can attract more traffic compared to the ones that don’t use them.

So, why waste your image option by keeping it blank or by using Google pictures, when you can use elegant featured images with your own name and totally suitable for your post.

Need help for creating featured images?

If you are looking for featured blog post images, then I can help you to create relevant, attractive, unique and eye catching image for you.


I have been making featured images for my own blog. You can see some of my personal blog featured images above.

A screenshot of my Pinterest Profile

The images I created have gained me lots of shares on pinterest. My pinterest profile gets more than 28K viewers each month, all thanks to these images!

How much will it cost?

It’s only $5 for one featured image. Plus I’ll provide Free Stock Images relevant to the article or blog post.

I’ll work with you for creating the perfect feature image for your blog post untill you are fully satisfied with the end result.

In a nutshell, you will be getting the following in this service:

  1. One featured blog post image with your post title and blog name or your name as watermark.
  2. Free stock images relevant to the article or blog post. Each image will be chosen to match with the main body of the post or with each sub heading of your post.
  3. 24 hours delivery time


Special offer for first 30 orders:

Free custom designed pictures to share and promote your blog post on social media. (Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter)


For more information feel free to contact me anytime. Here’s my email address-

My email


Fill out the form below:



Make the order today and take advantage of the special offer!

Place your order directly and I’ll get back to you immediately with further details:

You can place your order here through PayPal-


Featured image

Featured Image For Blog Post

Get stunning featured image custom designed for your blog post along with matching free stock images. *Avail the special offer of custom designed pictures to share and promote your blog post on social media*


PS: The money that I make via this service will be invested in the upkeep of the blog, which is now free of annoying ads. I thank you in advance If you happen to place an order!

And, if you’re not interested in this service, I thank you too for reading the post.

💬 What do you think about Featured images? Do you use them in your blog posts?

Please do share your thoughts!

Thank you, gratitude, blog
Thank you for reading ヅ

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