Words have power | Word of the day (11)

Word of the day is…

Word of the day

‘feeling for another/ feeling as another’

Today’s word of the day was suggested by Barbara Grace Lake

Word, words, power words

Thank you for the suggestion!

Would you like to suggest Word of the Day?

Name some words that help you, influence you or simply inspire you? The one’s I connect with will be featured here with credit to you for word suggestion.

Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

Thank You! 
  1. Have you featured the word character yet? We all need to some.

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    1. Indeed, I’ll have to feature the word. Thank you for the great suggestion 🙂

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  2. hey there EUI. 🙂 If not already done and would be open to considering, I think “empathy” is a powerful word. When I see the suffering of others, I feel a strong sense of empathy for their struggle and am motivated to help them relieve of that pain that I can feel they are experiencing. If you have already used it, my apologize for catching up late. 🙂

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    1. Hello there, thank you so much for suggesting the word. I will definitely have to feature the word in the series.



  3. good concept, i am inspiring

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