I love old things, old music, old movies and old looking photographs. Yes, my soul is vintage, even though I’m not!

I’ve always felt 50’s as much better & ideal time for me to have lived in. Alas! That can’t happen, but I have learned to bring a little bit of vintage into my contemporary world.


By learning to make photos with vintage aesthetics. Photo editing is so much fun & versatile. You can do so much with few apps, softwares & tools to get amazing results.

Vintage & retro aesthetic photos are becoming quite a rage these days on Instagram. You can see the craze for vintage photos with the number of increasing beautiful posts with vintage edits and textures.

Get free vintage aesthetic photo edits

This little idea or call it an experiment if you like, just striked my mind. If you would like this kind of vintage photos for your Instagram, I propose to edit one for you & for free!

The following are a couple of vintage aesthetic photos edited by me-

Vintage aesthetic, photo edit
Vintage with textures ☎ 
Vintage photo editing
Vintage with glitch 📸 
Vintage aesthetics for Instagram
Vintage with overlays 📺 

What will I get in return?

Two things –

  • I’ll need you to follow me on Instagram. This is me@instagram- binitabora999
  • I’ll need you to tag me when you post your photo edited by me & credit the photo edit to me in the caption, along with the hashtags-#educatedunemployedindian & #vintagesoul

For example: Vintage aesthetic photo edit by educated unemployed Indian @binitabora999 #educatedunemployedindian #vintagesoul

Send me your photo to turn it vintage

If you’re interested send me your photo to the following email –

📧✒ educatedunemployedindianblog@gmail.com

I’ll edit one photo only for each photo edit request.

Here’s one more demo vintage edit photo with me in it-

Vintage photo editing
Vintage aesthetics 🌹

Are you thinking to do this experiment with me? I’d say, if you’re thinking to do it, just do it! What have you got to lose 🙂

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