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A blog that chronicles my personal journey from unemployment to self empowerment. Besides discussing my joblessness & getting out of joblessness, I also blog about life and stuff. 

You’ll find articles covering topics like self improvement, mental health, spirituality, how to, quotes, list articles and mobile photography. 

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“Unemployment has given me time to pursue real skills that will help further my non-existent career.”

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Hello, my name is Binita and I’m a qualified teacher. I’m usually on and off jobs. I was educated to be employed by the authority members of my family. Unfortunately I have disappointed 😔 them!

P. S. – I am still working on my life and no I am not depressed!

  1. How to, Self Disciplined, Life How to get Self Disciplined in Life? (2/10/2019) - Self discipline is one of the hardest yet most vital of skills one can acquire. In trying to acquire this hard but vital skill, I've realized a few lessons. And, here they are:
  2. Top ten list, why you should believe in the universe Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe! (1/20/2019) - Do you believe in something that is bigger than you and I? I do and I call it the universe! Dive in to find the ten reasons why I think you should believe in ‘it’ too!
  3. book quote, book quotes Not a Book Review: The Diary of a Young Girl (1/13/2019) - Not a book review is the series where I share few favorite lines from my favorite books. Today I'll share some lines from the book- "The Diary of a Young Girl"

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