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Hello, my name is Binita and I’m a qualified teacher. I was educated to be employed by the authority members of my family, unfortunately I have disappointed them! These days they say, I'm upto no good! For this year I have skipped job search to test my creative skills in the (virtual) world. Clearly, I'm upto no good but my intentions are very much!

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The ultimate list: Amazon’s Top Ten Best Selling Books in Fiction

Are you looking for a new book to read or to gift to someone who is a certified book(worm)lover? If you're, you might like going through this ultimate list of Amazon's Top Ten Best Selling Books in Fiction. 

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#4 Photo of the Day [Mobile Photography]

Check out today’s Photo of the Day & Mobile Photography tip number 4…

How to deal with stress and anxiety from unemployment

How to deal with stress and anxiety from unemployment

Unemployment brings along a lot of stress and anxiety. But there are a few things we can do to reduce that stress and anxiety resulting from unemployment, such as…

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Create Stunning Featured Images for Your Blog Post!

Do you know about Featured Images & why you need to use them? I can help you create the perfect featured image for your blog post. Read this post to learn more...

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Inspirational quote about life for self motivation #6

Whenever you feel a need to conquer your thoughts of fear & doubts, the one act that'll get your spirits high is reading inspirational quotes. This is one such quote...

#3 Photo of the Day [Mobile Photography]

Check out today's Photo of the Day & Mobile Photography tip number 3...

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A True Story: My first encounter with unemployment!

The first time I came face to face with unemployment, I wasn't prepared. What happened and how I managed to survive? This is the true story of my first encounter with unemployment...

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