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Hello, my name is Binita and I’m a qualified teacher. I was educated to be employed by the authority members of my family, unfortunately I have disappointed them! These days they say, I'm upto no good! For this year I have skipped job search to test my creative skills in the (virtual) world. Clearly, I'm upto no good but my intentions are very much!

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An old article and a new lesson in life! 

I found an old article but before I post that article, I want to share a story. I thought it's a story worth sharing and it should get it's own post...

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The heartache journal- Addictions

Heartache Journal is a series where each month I share some thoughts close to my heart in a journal style of post. Todays post is about my thoughts on …

Selected Responses of Fun Challenge #1

I asked you to respond with a comment on the last post and here are your responses...

Nature at it’s best!

Check out the first video on my blog, it's only a few seconds long! There is also a fun challenge for all who loves fun challenges.

Ten essentials of a dream job!

The Top Ten Essentials of the Ultimate Dream Job!

Have you ever wondered about the qualities that would make a job the dream job? Well I have and this 'list of ten essentials of a dream job' is the result! You can also download the pdf version of this article...

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Inspirational quote about life for self motivation

Whenever you feel a need to conquer your thoughts of fear & doubts, the one act that'll get your spirits high is reading inspirational quotes. This is one such quote about overcoming self doubts.

How my dog changed my life?

I never thought I was a dog person. That was a while ago, today I am a stay at home dog parent. This is how the transformation happened...

Where To Next?

Even though my blogging journey is not such an inspirational one but it's still worth sharing (I think!) A little about my blogging journey so far and blogging plans for the future...

What is panic attack and how to deal with it?

Originally posted on Educated Unemployed Indian:
What is a panic attack and how do you know if you are about to have it? I started to wonder about this question a while ago when I experienced something that I doubted to be a panic attack. What exactly is a panic attack? Panic attack is a sudden rush…