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Content theft, content copying

Content Theft: How to deal with the most undesirable event in the life of a blogger?

Content theft is the undesirable event when someone uses your original content without permission and/ or credit. Recently, I experienced this very undesirable situation which inspired me to write about it...

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Not a book review: To kill a mockingbird

Not a book review: a series where I will share few words, sentences and lines from books that made its mark on my mind. Today I will share some beautiful lines from the book 'To kill a mockingbird.'

Words have power
Features, benefits, pricing of g suite

G Suite: meaning, features, highlights, pricing and more!

In this post I bring you all important information including features, benefits and pricing of G Suite, a cloud based productivity solution developed by Google.

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What happened to our good old reading habits?

You must have heard the saying that books can change your life. Then why is it that our good old reading habit is not getting enough attention anymore? You probably blame the Internet, so do I...

Blind date, explore, world

Blind date with the world! [Say Yes To The World]

Imagine the world invited you on a blind date! Quite an interesting idea to which one has to oblige. This is my story when I said yes to the world... 

Friendly Advice, What to do when unemployed?

Some Friendly Advice: What to do when unemployed?

Someone wrote me a touching email about struggles with unemployment. After a lot of thinking, I replied to the mail with some Friendly Advice on what to do when unemployed... 

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Who is in your prayers?

In this modern world where our lives have become fundamentally selfish, is it true that our prayers too have become self-centered? If not, why & who do we pray for? 

How to deal with stress and anxiety from unemployment

How to deal with stress and anxiety from unemployment

Unemployment brings along a lot of stress and anxiety. But there are a few things we can do to reduce that stress and anxiety resulting from unemployment, such as…

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Create Stunning Featured Images for Your Blog Post!

Do you know about Featured Images & why you need to use them? I can help you create the perfect featured image for your blog post. Read this post to learn more...