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9 important lessons I have learnt in life!

They say that life is the best teacher! Life has and will always teach us important lessons about almost everything. I have put together a list of 9 best lessons I learned from my life so far... 

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The ultimate list: Amazon’s Top Ten Best Selling Books in Fiction

Are you looking for a new book to read or to gift to someone who is a certified book(worm)lover? If you're, you might like going through this ultimate list of Amazon's Top Ten Best Selling Books in Fiction. 

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Ten Brilliant Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

We all love taking photos. You may prefer to keep your photos personal or might like to turn them into an impressive insta feed. Here are 10 photography tips that you can use for taking amazing photos...

Top ten list, why you should believe in the universe

Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe!

Do you believe in something that is bigger than you and I? I do and I call it the universe! Dive in to find the ten reasons why I think you should believe in 'it' too!

Ten essentials of a dream job!

The Top Ten Essentials of the Ultimate Dream Job!

Have you ever wondered about the qualities that would make a job the dream job? Well I have and this 'list of ten essentials of a dream job' is the result! You can also download the pdf version of this article...

Top Five Difficulties of a Jobless Person

Here is some of the difficulties that you might relate to if you are quite (jobless) like me