My thoughts on unemployment

My first blog post!

Educated Unemployed Indian

My thoughts on unemployment My thoughts on unemployment

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Unemployment is of vital importance, particularly to the unemployed.
~Edward Heath

This is my first blog post and if you’re reading this, it’s a mystery as well as miracle – how you found me! In case I need to explain why I choose this topic, the reason is unemployment is the inspiration for starting this blog in the first place! So I am going to share some of my thoughts on this depressing topic.

My thoughts on unemployment My thoughts on unemployment

Unemployment is the state where an individual is willing and capable of work but work on the other hand is not willing to cooperate. It’s very gloomy when one wants but can’t get what he wants! Add to that society’s pressure and judgements. Financial crisis and failed relationships doesn’t help this gloomy state of affairs.

Unemployment catches you and pulls you into a deep dark sleep…

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