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Commonly asked interview questions

How to answer the most common job interview questions?

Job interviews are difficult! But we can overcome this difficulty by preparing for them. The following is the list of three commonly asked interview questions with tips and example answers to each...

Top ten list, why you should believe in the universe

Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe!

Do you believe in something that is bigger than you and I? I do and I call it the universe! Dive in to find the ten reasons why I think you should believe in 'it' too!

Emotions and emotional intelligence

What are Emotions and how to manage them with Emotional Intelligence?

All of us feel the same emotions: happy, sad, angry, fear and so on. What is the meaning and importance of emotions in our life? How do they influence us and how do we manage them?

article, lesson, life! 

An old article and a new lesson in life! 

I found an old article but before I post that article, I want to share a story. I thought it's a story worth sharing and it should get it's own post...

Selected Responses of Fun Challenge #1

I asked you to respond with a comment on the last post and here are your responses...

Where To Next?

Even though my blogging journey is not such an inspirational one but it's still worth sharing (I think!) A little about my blogging journey so far and blogging plans for the future...


My thoughts on unemployment

Originally posted on Educated Unemployed Indian:
My thoughts on unemployment Photo credits: pinterest Unemployment is of vital importance, particularly to the unemployed. ~Edward Heath This is my first blog post and if you’re reading this, it’s a mystery as well as miracle – how you found me! In case I need to explain why I choose this topic,…