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Educated unemployed Indian blog

Hello there,

Welcome to my blog where I share my own experiences as well as general opinions about unemployment and a few other things close to my heart and my life.
Through my blog I want to give my thoughts a structure in the form of posts, articles, etc. Talk about all these issues with proper beginning, middle and end, if possible add a little dash of humor.
Hopefully this blog will also let me connect with wonderful like minded people who can relate on similar life situations.

Educated unemployed Indian blog home page

Educated unemployed Indian blog

“Unemployment has given me time to pursue real skills that will help further my non-existent career.”

Author Unknown

Author Bio:


Hello, my name is Binita and I’m a qualified teacher. I’m usually on and off jobs. I was educated to be employed by the authority members of my family. Unfortunately I have disappointed 😔 them!

P. S. – I am still working on my life and no I am not depressed!

  1. Protected: What is Panic Attack & How to Deal with it [ E Book ] (6/23/2018) - Excerpt from the book: "Panic attacks are not very uncommon in today's age where we live under tremendous stress. Anyone can get a minor panic attack..."
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  3. What are Emotions and how to manage them with Emotional Intelligence? (6/8/2018) - All of us feel the same emotions: happy, sad, angry, fear and so on. What is the meaning and importance of emotions in our life? How do they influence us and how do we manage them?
  4. An old article and a new lesson in life!  (6/6/2018) - I found an old article but before I post that article, I want to share a story. I thought it's a story worth sharing and it should get it's own post...
  5. Words have power | Word of the day (6/4/2018) - The word of the day is...
  6. Selected Responses of Fun Challenge #1 (6/1/2018) - I asked you to respond with a comment on the last post and here are your responses...

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Thank you, Educated unemployed Indian blog

  1. I am also an Unemployed person in USA.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Welcome to by blog, Jackie. I hope you find the best job that truly values your worth very soon. Until then stay strong & fight on. ☺



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